Recently, there was a quite entertaining Premier League game between Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur. Many fans visited the top 1xBet betting site in Bangladesh to place their wagers on this encounter. However, there was something that happened during this contest that took the final result of the match, 3-1 in favour of Tottenham, to be almost forgotten.

Near the end of the first half, the match was stopped for a few minutes. This is because a Newcastle fan suffered a heart attack while watching the match from the stands. The medical teams from both sides went to assist the fan. After a few minutes of working, he was stabilized and taken out of the stadium in an ambulance. Right now it is stated that he is making a good recovery. The matches offered by the Premier League are another reason why to visit the top betting site in Bangladesh 1xBet, and place wagers for these spectacular matches.

Arsenal signed a four-year-old future star

Recently, Arsenal was again on the news. But this time, it wasn’t because of its matches. By the way, the live betting - top site 1xBet features all Arsenal matches. Now, the main reason why the gunners were in the news was because they announced the signing of a four-year-old kid. His name is Zayn Ali Salman, and many at Arsenal think that he has a bright future ahead. However, this hasn’t been without controversy. Many people think that putting kids of this age in a more professional environment might be more damaging than beneficial for them. In any case, we will see how things work for him. For now, there are many reasons to continue visiting top site 1xBet - live betting on all its matches.

Karim Benzema open to an MLS move

It is no mystery that the MLS manages to attract a good chunk of footballers when they are approaching their retirement. Karim Benzema recently announced that he would be open to do exactly that. Of course, people can always visit to wager for the teams where he has played. Among these squads it is possible to find: Olympique Lyonnais; Real Madrid; and obviously, the French national football team, Right now, Benzema has a contract with Real Madrid. It expires in the middle of 2023. By that time, it is expected that the Frenchman will be 35 years old. However, in general he has shown spectacular form and performance. All of this means that, if he is able to retain such performances, Real Madrid might want to extend his contract beyond that date. However, Benzema is also considering his options in case this doesn’t happen. That’s why he stated that he would be open to move to the MLS, which is available at 1xBet as well, after his contract expires.